We had wonderful experience working with Arun Titan Studios. The team is vibrant with their innovative thoughts. Arun Titan studio has given a new definition for Photography. We have engaged them more than once for their services. They give a story line for each portfolio. The outcome is a poetry of photography!


Awesome photography by Arun Titan Studio in our Wedding, Reception and Outdoor (in June 2012). We almost re-live our special day in his photos. The photos were more brilliant enough to express all emotions of the moments. Special mention to outdoor photos, we had outdoor photo shoot at Vandalur Zoo. But, by seeing the photos we feel as if it's been taken at some natural wildlife place not in Zoo.Not only in taking a snap, post processing has been done with more creativity and quality which results in mind blowing results. Almost every emotions has been captured well during the moment which making us to smile whenever we see those photos. Arun Titan Studio at his best in candid photography..!

Priya - Praveen

Arun Titan Studio , the place and the people out there made me realize that memories can be felt real & happening through their candid clicks. 5 events in two years in our family, many things changed from event to event but one thing which stands still and which will never change would be Arun Titan Studio team. Their passion towards work and dedication of the team not just made us happy but also inspired us.
When I had zero knowledge about photography, they amazed me with his clicks. But now I m very much sure that I have some good knowledge over the shots, angles & clicks ,still he amazes me with his clicks.
True Story, β€œ One of my old friend called me and felt sorry for not attending my wedding. I said its okay dude cheers!! The next word from him is, Seen your Wedding pictures in fb you both look awesome. I said thank you. Certainly the next question, Who is the Photographer? I replied Arun Titan Studio. Then I asked him, Do you any plans to book him?? here comes the moment, It seems he liked my picture in fb. one of his friend saw the picture, she is unknown (not mutual) to me but close friend of him. She called him and said that there is too much of life in the pictures. I some how want to recreate it in my wedding,If not the same I want something similar so please enquire the details and we can book him for my wedding. Now I asked him when is her wedding. He replied, not in another 5 years she is just 20!!!”. If you want your memories to be unusual and real, this is the right team for you. Once you get associated with them you can’t think about options. All the best Arun Titan Studio team!! Great Going!!!

Bharthi - Sasikala

Thank you Arun Titan Studio for our beautiful wedding and engagement pictures. They were absolutely outstanding ! You guys captured our day, our guests and our families and friends wonderfully. We still get compliments for the candid video, and the pictures all the way from India to here at Toronto! Your passion is truely evident in your work. Thank you so much and wishing you all the success in the future. Once again ! Outstanding !

Litty - Praveen

I am so grateful that I have found Arun Titan Studio πŸ™‚. We are so very impressed with their work and professionalism and their ability to capture some of the most precious moments of our wedding. The detail and quality of their work is impeccable and simply amazing!. They left us with such a detailed storybook of wedding day. I love my pictures – I can’t stop looking at them!. Thank you for paying so much attention to all of those little things that are so important and meaningful to us!. I have NO WORDS for how incredibly happy we are with our pictures! They are stunning. and so talented, we can’t stress this enough. If you are on the fence on weather or not it is worth it to splurge for the photos, do it! arun titan studio will not disappoint!”

Suresh - Gowri

We cannot thank Arun Titan Studio team enough for their wonderful job they did for our wedding and pre-wedding photos. From the start to the end the team was a pleasure to deal with. They were highly organised and had a sharp eye for every detail . Considering the long hindu wedding ceremonies and the number of people on stage, they took fantastic photos of just my husband and me in the right places at the right times.
The team were able turn our first ever pre-wedding photoshoot into an amazing, fun and relaxed time with such ease. In our wedding reception, considering the large number of guests we were still able to spend time mingling with them while the photo crew was taking candid photographs of us all. We loved how the crew was in control of the photos and we weren't being dragged away from our guests and ceremonies, as after all as much as you want a lasting memory of the day with your photos we still wanted to enjoy the day with all our family and friends.
When they sent us the final finished photos we were completely blown away with firstly the amount of photos they had taken and also the high quality of images we received. Our photos are so beautiful and they capture all the best times we had on our day. I will cherish them forever. You can tell from the moment you meet Arun Titan Studio crew that they have a natural flare and passion for photography and we would highly recommend them to everyone.
Thanks Arun Titan Studio.

Vijay - Sangeetha

one of the finest photographers who captures all the lovely moments at the perfect timing and crafts it to be the best. You will have all the joy to show the pictures taken by Arun Titan Studio to your friends and families because he makes it picture perfect. Has the best team to capture every single moment in very occasion and will never regret in choosing him because later when I see all the pictures taken by him, I know it is all worth it. Arun Titan studio a big thumbs up

Saif - Nancy

First of all I'd like to congratulate Arun Titan Studio on their wedding website !!! I met Arun Titan Studio about 4 years ago when I was looking for a candid photographer to cover my engagement. A lot of people suggested many many photographers and for some reason every time I saw their work I couldn't see myself being photographed like that (not that there was anything wrong with their photography, I guess it just wasn't what I was looking for lol). So finally with only a month to go for my engagement I was introduced to Arun Titan Studio through one of my friends, I decided to call him up immediately and we met the same week to decide on things. When we met they showed me weddings/events they had worked on earlier and I instantly fell in love with how the pictures looked !! I clearly remember, I only saw a couple of photos and one wedding film video and I told them that's it you're my photographer. All I told them was, "I want the pictures to represent who we are, I don't want too much editing, I want us to look like us when I look back at the pictures years later". We didn't want to pose too much and as my husband is camera shy that wasn't even an option lol. And a week after my engagement when I got the pictures, me and Mahi were super excited about the outcome, the pictures were subtle, captured the emotions perfectly, had the perfect frames and what not. And there was not one time I saw the team during the engagement nor telling me to smile or pose ! That was exactly what we wanted, we wanted someone to capture our day without being bothered and he masters that art!! And of course after this I just had to book them for my wedding! And guys, I must tell you! The albums these guys print are the cutest!!!! We also did our first wedding anniversary shoot with them! I cannot wait to be photographed by them again in the future! I wish you all luck in life, Keep the great working going!!

Mahi - Madhuri

ARUN TITAN STUDIO - Dazzling bionic lens which makes dream weddings come true Once upon a time ... I met my Prince.As his winged energy of delight swept off my feet I decided to fantasize my own Princess wedding in the arch of unforgettable joyful moments.The band has been booked, the cake has been made,The dress has been picked, accessories bought.After endless to do over a list for a year ... The big day is gonna be here and who is the photographer πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Yes it's ArunTitanStudio - The team with magical lens Yesss Girls Be calmed !!!!Be Dazzled !!!Bewitched !!!!

Lusanth - Vidhya